We keep approximately 30 caskets in stock. Most of them are displayed in the selection room of our Orange City funeral home. For our Hull families, we show 16 partial caskets there, along with photographs of the other choices. Our Hospers families usually make arrangements at our Orange City facility.

These caskets range in price from several hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. About two-thirds of them will be made out of some type of metal - bronze, copper, stainless steel, or standard steel, ranging from 16 ga. to 20 ga. The other third are made out of hardwoods, varying from walnut to poplar. Some of the caskets are very simple, while others offer interchangeable corners or lid panels.

Outer Burial Containers

Outer burial containers, or vaults, are displayed by using models of the various choices. A vault is usually thought of as an outer burial container that has a seal, to prevent moisture and elements of the earth from reaching the casket. These, too, range from simple to elaborate, and can be personalized with different covers and the deceased's name.

Miscellaneous Merchandise

For most of the families we serve, this consists of a register book, memorial folders, and acknowledgement cards. We use a register book that was custom made for our families. There are limitless choices of folders and we stock a variety of cards.

We also keep on hand about a dozen cremation urns, shipping containers, infant caskets, and a variety of accessories.

Of course, if a family requests or needs something that we do not have in stock, we can usually acquire it from one of our suppliers in a relatively short time. This includes special size caskets and vaults.

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