Why Plan Ahead

Why Plan Ahead

Today, more and more people are choosing to plan their own funeral in advance. We find that there are four basic reasons why our families think this makes sense.

It relieves an emotional burden from those you love.

By being able to make sound decisions in advance, without stress, you can free your family from this responsibility. This allows them to concentrate on supporting each other, rather than being asked to make major decisions at a very emotional time.

You can express your own wishes.

Often families are confused about what is proper. They may agonize over what you would have wanted. By selecting your options in advance, there is no doubt. And, you can even change your mind later, if you wish.

You can relieve the financial burden from you family.

If you also choose to pay for your funeral in advance, we have options for setting aside, protecting, and growing your funds to pay for funeral expenses in the future.

Although you may want to choose your casket and vault in advance, this is not required. We can simply use averages or round figures, leaving the final decisions up to your surviving family.

It protects your assets if you need assistance.

People who anticipate needing assistance for medical or nursing home costs are encouraged to set aside a reasonable amount for funeral expenses. If the proposed expenses are not itemized, the maximum the Department of Human Services (Title 19) will allow is $13,125. If we itemize the proposed expenses, they will allow the total amount of the itemization



Making pre-arrangements can be helpful, but many people are just not comfortable with the idea of planning their own funeral. Making funeral arrangements at the time of need is still very common, and in some ways beneficial to family members. Making these necessary decisions gives family members an opportunity to work together, stay busy with specific tasks, and feel as though they had a part in the over-all ceremonies.

If you like the idea of pre-planning, but are not ready to actually meet with us, we have available a booklet which is a good compromise. This booklet will help you organize your personal information and history, as well as record your thoughts and wishes concerning a funeral service. To receive a copy, please email us your name and address.

We are always willing to answer any questions and respond to any concerns that you may have about pre-planning or funeral services in general.

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