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Death Away From Home

When death occurs away from home, it is usually best to call us, rather than contacting a funeral home at the place of death.

Through our memberships in the Iowa and National Funeral Directors Associations and our access to mortuary shipping services, we are able to transport human remains back to northwest Iowa from anywhere in the United States and even the world.

You would then be able to make all the arrangements with us, your home-town funeral home.

If you travel frequently or spend part of your time in another (warmer) part of the country, you may want to give us your vital statistics. This would make the process of shipping your remains home, if necessary, even easier. We have a booklet available for you to record this information; to recieve a copy, please e-mail us your name and address.

Contacting us first is the most efficient and economical way of dealing with a death away from home.

24 hours a day