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Funeral Costs

Many families are concerned about funeral costs, and rightly so. Funerals are expensive, just like everything else. That's because funeral homes are subject to the same increases in costs as other businesses. Funeral prices increase about the same rate as inflation.

We serve families in many different financial situations, from those receiving assistance to those who are very wealthy. Also, people have a variety of opinions about how much should be spent on a funeral.


What does a starting funeral cost?
For those who cannot spend a lot or do not want to spend more than necessary, we offer a dignified complete funeral for less than $9000, plus other costs outside of the funeral home. This includes services, facilities, equipment, and vehicles for administrative services, transfer of remains to the funeral home from a local institution, complete preparation of a normal remains, a day of visitation, and a traditional funeral ceremony at your local church or in our chapel, as well as a committal service at a local cemetery. This would also include a metal casket, a concrete outer burial container, a register book, memorial folders, and acknowledgement cards.


What does an average funeral cost?
Currently, the services and merchandise for an average funeral cost between $10,000 and $12,000. Of course, many families will choose a higher quality casket and/or vault, sometimes spending $15,000, or more.


What about other costs?
In addition to the service and merchandise costs at the funeral home, there are usually expenses outside of the funeral home. This includes items such as cemetery fees, flowers, and radio and/or newspaper announcements. Some families pay for these items directly; others ask us to advance payment for them. These outside costs will usually be between $2,000 and $3,000. Also, sales tax needs to be collected on the merchandise.


What if I don't want a complete, traditional, funeral?
Of course, if you do not want a complete funeral, the cost would be less. Partial services can be a fraction of the cost of a complete adult funeral.


What if the funeral is for a young child?
Services for infants and younger children receive a percentage discount, based on the age of the child.


How long do I have to pay?
We allow families sixty days to pay for the funeral they choose. If they plan to use proceeds from a life insurance policy, those are usually available in a few weeks.


If you are concerned about funeral expenses, we would be glad to
visit with you and answer your questions. We feel we offer good value to our families - high quality service at below average prices.